Rebranding and website relaunch for Florian Tessloff

Website + Rebranding

For the Hamburg based composer, arranger and studio musician Florian Tessloff, we developed a new branding and relaunched his website at the start of the year.

Since resources and budget were tight, we used a Squarespace template as the basis for the new website. In doing so, we adapted the theme used optimally to Florian's needs through various individualizations.

While the branding is very discreet and mainly uses a characteristic lettering in combination with a light gray tone, it is complemented in all applications by an abstract-illustrative element that references the popular Blue Note album covers by Reid Miles.

Florian Tessloff website - home page (mobile view)
Florian Tessloff website - references (mobile view)
Florian Tessloff website - biography (mobile view)
Florian Tessloff website - portrait (mobile view)