Digitally inspired, analogously at ease


Five buildings in search of a digital home

Hotel Wedina is located not far from the Alster lake, in the vibrating Hamburg district of St. Georg, and is allocated within five very different buildings. It was our task to make this exciting diversity tangible on the new website and to guarantee a very simple, automated booking process.

Our services: consulting, concept, art direction, screen design, programming

Structure and design elements

Five colours represent the five buildings in which the respective colour concept is reflected in the interior design. This palette was essential for the design of the website, with only two neutral tones of grey and lots of white space added to it. Large-format photographs and the linear typography round off the vivid look.

Five houses

Colour scheme

Red house


Pink house


Blue house


Dark grey


Green house


Middle grey


Yellow house






Image teaser

Special offers

favourite places, pocket-sized

As a special service for guests at Wedina, we developed “favourite places”, a digital and exclusive Hamburg guide. An individualised Google map with specifically created symbols shows tips and recommendations personally put together by the Wedina team. Neatly arranged in categories and optimised for being used on the road, “favourite places” offers real value for anyone wanting to discover Hamburg.

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