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A new visual concept for a classic

Just in time for the introduction of the new G-Class in the middle of 2015, Mercedes-Benz G GmbH’s digital corporate identity also got a facelift. This is already the second relaunch that we have put into place for the Austrian Daimler subsidiary.

Our services: consulting, concept, screen design, programming
  1. Same contents, different presentation

    The content is identical in all display formats of the website. The visual appearance of content elements is adjusted to fit the respective screen size and has been optimised for being used on different devices.

  2. Mobile-optimised navigation

    Thanks to a flat site structure and space-saving off-canvas navigation, users reach the contents of their choice after a maximum of three clicks.

  3. Videos and picture galleries

    Where complex issues are explained by means of short videos on desktop devices, those videos are not used on smartphones for reasons of space. They have been replaced by image-text spreads here.


In addition to an interactive company history, picture and video galleries are being used to illustrate characteristics such as ladder frames, differential locks or the off-road gear reduction.

Image galleries
Interactive company history

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