Digital signage. Faster and more individual.


Innovative communication at the POS

Many companies already use digital signage for current communications about offers via screens in their stores. On behalf of the Hamburg based NEO Group we had the chance to create a real innovation in this field. With the web-based software neolive, retailers are able to create their own content without programming knowledge and immediately publish it to a number of channels.

Our services: concept, UX design, UI design, front-end programming

Content management in the size of a pocket

neolive is easy to handle in every web browser. Contents can be created, changed and published on a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone at any time, from any place.

Intuitive user interface

The clearly arranged dashboard enables quick access to the most important functions.

The slide-in navigation allows all functions to be accessible from everywhere.

The responsive design provides for consistent user-friendliness, regardless of the device used.

To the offer in just five steps

Setting up the preparation process for the offer is particularly intuitive and complies with the checkout process in online shops.

To the new offer in the wink of an eye: templates can be customised in just a few clicks.

Periods of time for transmission can be set for different locations and monitored from a central view.

Automatic output for different screen formats

Thanks to a number of predefined templates, contents only need to be created once and then adapts automatically to different screen formats.

Structure of the user interface

The interface of the neolive application was designed with the aim of creating an as intuitive user experience as possible. The basis to do so is provided by the simple structure and the functional design.

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