App Design

GrooveLab is a freely accessible web application that helps musical amateurs and musicians explore and expand their individual rhythm skills. The concept was developed as part of the MIP.lab at Freie Universität Berlin, an ideas workshop for scientific journalism in the fields of mathematics, computer science and physics. We were commissioned to design the user interface of the application.

Playful education of groove

The central purpose of GrooveLab is the playful-explorative education of the basic elements of groove. The heart of the app is the so called interactive "Groove-Mandala", with which rhythms created by users are visualized. Instruments, speed and time signatures can be edited and the visual representation of tracks can be adapted.

The app is accompanied by in-depth information on the topic of rhythm and the connections between mathematics and music.

Polychrome color scheme vs. monochrome UI

Based on the design of the mandala, we developed a color concept that focuses on high-contrast primary tones, especially to make instruments easy to distinguish from each other. Custom-created icon sets and functional elements provide a consistent look and feel, while the dark and monochrome UI deliberately stays in the background.

A specially developed icon set simplifies the selection and categorization of the individual instruments.
High-contrast colors help differentiate instruments and stand out best from the dark background.

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