Web application

Teamcast is a web-based application that we have designed and implemented as a digital tool to coordinate employees. It’s designed to be used especiallyin small and medium-sized handicraft businesses.

Teamcast person list
Teamcast planning tool
From concept to MVP in just 8 weeks

Working within an agile process, we developed the app concept, UX and UI designs within weeks and built an MVP. Since then the product is being used on a daily basis at several companies. User feedback, which we constantly collect, is used to consistently optimise the web app.

Teamcast wireframe person list
Teamcast wireframe archive
Teamcast wireframe projekt
Teamcast wireframe settings
We defined the structure and functions of the WebApp using wireframes, which served as the basis for design and implementation.
Staff planning in real time

With the help of Teamcast, employees and construction sites can be created and assigned to each other with just a few clicks. This reduces the effort for weekly planning many times over. At the same time, team management and employees have access to real-time data at any time and can react quickly and flexibly in case of breakdowns or changes in plans.

With the help of the Teamcast app, we have digitalized employee scheduling for craft businesses and simplified it many times over.
Tobias Senior Developer

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