Hamburg to Hong-Kong: Convoy supports Oyster Studios


Our client Oyster Studios likes it big. This is proven by photo studios in Hamburg, Lisbon, South Africa or Hong Kong. As a full-service provider, Oyster has produced more than 1.6 million images in the past 15 years. Wow.

With the recent brand relaunch, a new website was needed as well. Starting with a compact overview as a one-pager, we developed an online presence that focuses primarily on contrasts: Lemon yellow meets black and white, hand-drawn illustrations meet striking typography.

It makes you want more. In any case, we are already looking forward to continue developing this unusual website together with Oyster Studios in the coming months.

Oyster landing page - We are Oyster Studios (mobile view)
Oyster landing page - About Us (mobile view))
Oyster Landingpage - We are Oyster Studios
Oyster Landingpage - What you get is what you need